Any player that has not provided an email address during sign-ups should contact Steve to access their personal accounts, Thank You!
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Welcome to Players Poker Tour!
Are you a previous Players Poker Tour player?
Accessing your account is easy! As long as you provided an email address during your sign-up you can simply click on the First Time Access link above or simply CLICK HERE to begin gaining access to your account! If you have not provided an email then please get into contact with either Steve or Cyndee and give them your desired email! Once you are all set you can then begin to access your own personal account!
New site, new features!
Event Registration!
You can now register to future events within the week! By registering to an event you will help Players Poker Tour better accommodate its players. Additionally, if enough players use the registration feature and show up we will reward additional points and/or chips! We are always willing to help YOU if you help US!

Personalized Statistics!
We now currently offer personalized statistics for each player with an account! What does this mean? Well, when you log in to your account you can select the Statistics on the top bar and see your individual statistics for each month of the year! Additionally, we plan to even allow you to see each individual event and how you played! How much easier and better can it get!?

Player-to-Player Mail!
Ever want to contact that new friend during an event? Now it's easier than ever! With the new Player-to-Player mail system you can easily search, find and mail a personal message to a fellow player! Simply click the Mail icon on the top bar and compile a new message or read new ones! We also soon plan to allow you to forward all messages to your personal email account in the near future!